Download SPD Upgrade Tool (all versions) and Guide

The SPD Upgrade Tool, also known as the SpreadTrum Flash Software, is a versatile software application designed to assist users in managing firmware on devices equipped with Spreadtrum/UniSoc chipsets. This tool is freely available and is widely used for various firmware operations including upgrading the software, fixing bugs, unbricking devices, and altering the operating system version on both Android phones and feature phones.

One of the key functionalities of the SPD Upgrade Tool is its ability to flash firmware on SpreadTrum/Unisoc devices. This process is crucial for users looking to upgrade their device’s software or resolve issues through a firmware update. Additionally, the tool allows for the flashing of custom recovery images, which provides enhanced control over device backups, firmware installations, and system modifications.

For safety and assurance, the SpreadTrum Flash Software, offers the feature to back up existing firmware before initiating a flash. This ensures that users have an original copy of their firmware, which can be restored in case the flashing process encounters issues or fails 5. Moreover, the tool includes capabilities for testing and verifying the RAM and flash memory of the devices, ensuring that the hardware components are functioning correctly before and after the flashing process .

The versatility of the SPD Upgrade Tool extends to its support for unlocking devices that are restricted to specific networks or carriers. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who wish to switch network providers without changing their device. Additionally, the tool provides options to format the device’s memory, perform factory resets to address software-related issues, or prepare the device for a fresh firmware installation.

During the flashing process, the SPD Upgrade Tool is equipped to detect and provide specific error messages. This diagnostic feature helps users in identifying and addressing issues that may arise during the firmware installation, making the troubleshooting process more manageable.

Key Features of SPD Upgrade Tool

The SPD Upgrade Tool, renowned for its efficiency in handling firmware operations on devices integrated with Spreadtrum/UniSoc chipsets, boasts a range of features designed to facilitate a seamless flashing experience. This section delves into the key features that set the SPD Upgrade Tool apart, making it an indispensable tool for users and developers alike.

Simple User Interface

One of the most user-friendly aspects of the SPD Upgrade Tool is its simple user interface. This design philosophy ensures that even new users can navigate the tool without encountering any difficulties. The straightforward layout simplifies the process of flashing firmware, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Flash PAC Firmware

The tool’s capability to flash PAC firmware on both Android phones and feature phones (basic phones) is a standout feature. Users need to connect their phone to the computer, load the PAC Firmware onto the SPD tool, and initiate the flashing process with a simple click. This process underscores the tool’s versatility in handling different firmware formats.

Flash P5C Firmware

In addition to PAC files, the SPD Upgrade Tool also supports the flashing of P5C firmware. This feature expands the tool’s compatibility, allowing it to cater to devices that utilize P5C firmware, although such devices are relatively rare.

Multi-Language Support

To accommodate a global user base, the SPD Upgrade Tool offers multi-language support. This inclusivity ensures that users from various linguistic backgrounds can utilize the tool effectively, enhancing its accessibility and user-friendliness.

Portable Application

The SPD Upgrade Tool is a portable application, which means it does not require installation on a computer to be used. Users can simply download and extract the tool on their computer and launch it directly. This portability adds to the convenience of using the tool, as it can be easily transported and used on different machines without the need for a setup process.

These features collectively contribute to the SPD Upgrade Tool’s reputation as a reliable and efficient solution for firmware flashing. Its user-friendly interface, support for multiple firmware formats, multi-language accessibility, and portable nature make it a preferred choice for users looking to manage the firmware on their Spreadtrum/UniSoc chipset-equipped devices.

Download SPD Upgrade Tool (all versions)

Password :

VersionDownload Link
SPD Flash Tool R27.23.1902 Latest VersionLink
SPD Flash Tool R27.23.1301Link
SPD Flash Tool R27.23.0101Link
SPD Flash Tool R27.22.4204Link
SPD Flash Tool R27.22.4203Link
SPD Flash Tool R26.21.2801Link
SPD Flash Tool R25.21.1401Link
SPD Flash Tool R25.20.3901Link
SPD Flash Tool R24.0.0003Link
SPD Flash Tool R23.19.4001Link
SPD Flash Tool R23.0.0001Link
SPD Flash Tool R22.0.0001Link
SPD Flash Tool R21.0.0001Link
SPD Flash Tool R20.0.0001Link
SPD Flash Tool R19.18.1001Link
SPD Flash Tool R19.17.4301Link
SPD Flash Tool R19.0.0001Link
SPD Flash Tool R17.17.1202Link
SPD Flash Tool R17.0.0001Link
SPD Flash Tool R4.0.0001Link
SPD Flash Tool R3.15.4901Link
SPD Flash Tool R3.0.0001Link
SPD Flash Tool R2.10.1003Link
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.9015Link
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.9009Link
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.9008Link
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.9005Link
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.9001Link
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.7008Link
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.7007Link
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.7006Link
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.7003Link
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.7002Link
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.7001Link
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.6004Link
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.5005Link
SPD Flash Too Source CodeLink

How to Install SPD Upgrade Tool

The SPD Upgrade Tool, also known as the SpreadTrum Flash Tool, is a vital application for devices with Spreadtrum/Unisoc chipsets, allowing users to flash or install .pac firmware. It is a portable application, meaning it does not require installation on your computer. Users can simply download and extract the tool on their computer and start the application by opening the UpgradeDownload.exe file.

This tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, from Windows XP to Windows 11, supporting both x32 and x64 bit systems. To obtain the latest version of the SPD Upgrade Tool, users can follow the provided links to download it directly to their computer .

Install SPD USB Drivers

Before starting the flashing process, it is crucial to ensure that the SPD USB Drivers are correctly installed on your computer. These drivers are essential for the tool to communicate effectively with your device during the flashing process. If the drivers are not properly installed, the flashing might not proceed correctly, leading to errors or unsuccessful firmware upgrades.

To install SPD USB Drivers, users need to disable driver signature enforcement on their Windows 10 systems. This can be done by adjusting the system’s startup settings. Once this is disabled, the SPD USB Drivers can be downloaded and installed. After installation, it is recommended to restart your computer to ensure that the drivers are correctly integrated and will function as intended during the flashing process.

By following these steps, users can ensure that their system is prepared for using the SPD Upgrade Tool, facilitating a smoother and more efficient firmware flashing experience.

How to Use SPD Upgrade Tool

Flashing PAC Firmware

  1. Prepare for Flashing: Ensure that all personal data is backed up, as using the SPD Upgrade Tool to flash PAC firmware will erase all data on the device.
  2. Download and Install Necessary Files: Obtain the correct PAC firmware for your device from a reliable source and ensure the SPD Upgrade Tool is downloaded and extracted on your computer. If the SPD Drivers are not already installed, this step must be completed before proceeding.
  3. Launch the Tool: Open the UpgradeDownload.exe file to start the SPD Upgrade Tool. A user interface will appear, ready for operation.
  4. Load the Firmware: Click on the ‘Load Packet’ button to navigate to and select the desired PAC firmware file stored on your computer.
  5. Connect the Device: With the device powered off, connect it to the computer using a USB cable. This step is crucial for the tool to recognize the device.
  6. Initiate Flashing Process: Click on the ‘Start Downloading’ button to begin the flashing process. This may take a few minutes, during which the device should not be disconnected.
  7. Completion: Once the flashing is successfully completed, a ‘Passed’ message will display on the tool’s interface. At this point, close the tool and disconnect the device.

Flashing P5C Firmware

  1. Setup: Similar to PAC firmware, ensure the SPD tool and necessary drivers are installed. Also, back up all important data as this process will erase the device .
  2. Firmware and Tool Preparation: Download the appropriate P5C firmware for your device. Launch the Tool by opening UpgradeDownload.exe .
  3. Firmware Loading: Use the ‘Load Packet’ button to select the P5C firmware file. Ensure the firmware file is correctly targeted to avoid errors .
  4. Device Connection and Flashing: Connect your device in the powered-off state via USB. Start the flashing process by clicking ‘Start Downloading’, and wait for the process to complete, indicated by a ‘Passed’ message .

Common Errors and Troubleshooting

  • Bin Packet Load Error: If this error occurs, it suggests issues with the firmware file. Try using a different version of the Upgrade Tool or a different firmware file.
  • USB Device Not Recognized: This typically points to driver issues. Reinstalling the SPD USB Driver or using a different USB port/cable may resolve this problem.
  • Failed: Operation Failed: This error can occur if the flashing process is interrupted. Ensure a stable connection and that no interruptions occur during the process. If persistent, try flashing one file at a time .
  • Downloading Failed: Wait Input Time Out: This error indicates a timeout during the flashing process. Using the latest version of the SPD Upgrade Tool may help resolve this issue .

By following these steps and troubleshooting common errors, users can effectively use the this software to manage firmware on their devices.


Throughout this comprehensive guide, we delved into the intricacies of using the this to maintain, upgrade, and troubleshoot Android devices. We covered the essential steps for downloading, installing drivers, and effectively flashing firmware, providing users with a solid foundation to enhance their device’s performance and address common issues. The outlined procedures not only simplify the flashing process but also emphasize the importance of proper preparation and the benefits of utilizing these powerful tools to keep devices up-to-date and functioning optimally.


How do I operate the SPD Upgrade Tool for device updates?

To use the SP Flash Tool, follow these steps:

  1. Install and update the necessary drivers.
  2. Extract the downloaded file and run the flash_tool.exe file.

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